District Neighbors Lost to Violence Nov 25 – Dec 2, 2015

In the last week, the District of Columbia has experienced shootings (five people struck on November 28, for example) and other forms of violence. And we continue to grieve with the rest of the nation, of course. For the first time since #SayThisName was launched in June 2015, however, the District of Columbia lost no one in the past week due to homicide or police-involved violence!

We are still in the 30-day mourning period for the following individuals lost to violence in the District:

  • October 26 — 7800 block of Alaska Avenue, NW (police-involved shooting)
    21-year-old Marquesha McMillan of Northeast, DC.
  • October 28 — 4200 block of Edson Place, NE (gunshot)
    25-year-old Marcquetta Cunningham of Northeast, DC
  • October 29 — 5300 block of Dix Street, Northeast (gunshot)
    35-year-old Leon Reid Jr. of Northeast, DC.
  • October 30 — 1400 block of V Street, Southeast (gunshot)
    36-year-old Kenneth Eugene Cosby of Northwest, DC.
  • October 30 — 1300 block of Morris Road, Southeast (gunshot)
    36-year-old Joseph Kenneth Belle of Southeast, DC.
  • October 31 — 1600 block of New York Avenue, Northeast
    41-year-old Victor Drummings of Upper Marlboro, MD.
  • Oct 31/Nov 1 — 1000 block of Savannah Street, Southeast (gunshot)
    36-year-old Van Joyner of Southeast, DC.
  • November 1 — 2300 block of Good Hope Road, SE (prisoner in custody)
    27-year-old Alonzo Smith of Southeast
  • November 2 — 200 block of Tennessee Avenue, NE (gunshot, homicide)
    36-year-old Desiree Cooper, of Northeast
  • November 2 — 200 block of Tennessee Avenue, NE (gunshot, suicide)
    37-year-old John Robinson of Northeast
  • November 2 — 2800 block of Gainesville Street, SE
    (PG County Police-Involved Shooting)
    62-year-old James Covington, Junior of Southeast
  • November 3 — 5000 block of Benning Road, SE (gunshot)
    19 year-old Tyree Banks of Southeast, DC.
  • November 5 — 1400 block of First Street, Southwest (gunshot 10/23) 19-year-old Daniel Brown of Southwest, DC
  • November 6 — 4600 block of Hunt Place, Northeast (gunshot)
    24-year-old Charles Newell of Waldorf, MD.
  • November 7 — 1700 block of 8th Street, Northwest (gunshot)
    28-year-old Reginald Perry of Northwest, DC.
  • November 9 — 2500 block of Elvans Road, Southeast (gunshot 9/26)
    45 year-old Kenneth Evans of Northwest, DC
  • November 11 — 1300 block of Okie Street, Northeast (stabbing)
    28-year-old Diante McLeod of Northeast, Washington.
  • November 12 — 5300 block of Clay Terrace, Northeast (gunshot)
    29-year-old Antwan Baker of Southeast, Washington
  • November 13 — 1300 block of Adams Street, Northeast (gunshot)
    21-year-old Ray Andre Harrison of Northeast, Washington.
  • November 15 — 2900 block of 2nd Street, Southeast (gunshot)
    24-year-old Onyekachi Emmanuel Osuchukwu, III of California.
  • November 17 — 1600 block of New York Avenue, NE (gunshot)
    21-year-old Kevin DeAndre Wallace of Northeast, DC.
  • November 18 — 2500 block of Park Place, Southeast (stabbing)
    64-year-old Clarence M. Terry of Southeast, DC.
  • November 19 — 100 block of Danbury Street, Southwest (gunshot)
    19-year-old Kevontae Jones of Southeast, DC.
  • November 19 — 5300 block of Dix Street, Southeast
    police involved shooting
    34-year-old Darick Napper of Southeast, Washington.
  • November 23 — 2500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast (gunshot)
    24-year-old Dwayne Grandson of Northeast, DC.

#SayThisName for each person lost.

Mourn. Organize.
Share this list.

Data are taken from DC’s Metropolitan Police Department notices. (See “About” for a little more.)

For thoughts on responding from a faith perspective, please visit Song Every Day.


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