Say These Names: 140 Losses to the District Due to Violence in 2016

UPDATED 1/1/17: Two additional homicide deaths were announced by the District’s Metropolitan Police Department in 2016, bringing total Archive of Loss for the year to 140.  MPD’s homicide count for 2016 is slightly lower. See below for details.

The individuals below were lost to violence in the District on dates listed and inadvertently omitted from earlier posts for various reasons, predominantly human error. They are included here, with apologies for the previous omission:

  • November 30 — 100 Block of Irvington Street, SW (shooting)
    24-year-old Marcus Barnes, of Temple Hills, MD.
  • November 27 — 300 block of Howard Road, SE (shooting)
    37-year-old Orlando Donald Silver, III, of Washington, DC.
  • November 2 — 1600 Block of T Street, SE (shooting)
    22-year-old Joshua Wayne Munson, of District Heights, MD.
  • October 26 — 3000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE (trauma)
    49-year-old James Albert Harling, of Southeast
  • August 10 — 1600 block of 33rd Street, NW (stabbing)
    71-year-old Harrison Spencer of Northwest
  • April 30 — 800 block of 21st Street, NE (shooting)
    30-year-old Leo Hackett of Northeast
  • January 23 — 2800 block of Douglass Place, SE (stab)
    30-year-old Ricardo Dasilva of Southeast

Thanks to @DCHomicideCount for providing the previously missing names.

DC’s Metropolitan Police Department lists 134 homicides as of 12/29/16. (UPDATE: Another homicide occurred early on 12/31, and a death from earlier in the year was ruled homicide — which seems to bring their total to 136.)

Discrepancies between MPD’s list and the one on this blog include several losses listed here which may not be in the official DC “homicide” count: the loss of Maurice “Moe” Benton, who recently died due to complications from a 10-year-old shooting which occurred in Oxon Hill, MD (now ruled “homicide,” by the PG County Medical Examiner), and Heaven and Nevaeh Johnson, babies who were killed earlier this year when their pregnant mother was shot.


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