Neighbors Lost to Violence Jun 9 – Jun 15

The District of Columbia experienced the following losses to violence:

  • June 11, 2020, in the 200 block of E Street, NE (shooting)
    First District, Ward 6
    18-year-old Saige Ballard, of Northwest
  • June 12 — 1300 block of Savannah Street, SE (shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    34-year-old Alphonzo Jones, of Temple Hills, MD
  • June 13 — 3400 block of Wheeler Road, SE (shooting)
    No district listed for incident in Ward 8, 7th District
    17-year-old Xavier Spruill, of Baltimore, MD
  • June 15 — 3900 block of Minnesota Avenue, NE (Shooting)
    Sixth District, Ward 7
    30-year-old Israel Mattocks, of Southeast
  • May 22* — 700 block of Brandywine Street, SE (May 3 shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    48-year-old Irving Brandon, of Southeast
    **Announcement June 14; as with a number of other DC deaths in recent weeks,
    homicide was declared only after a delay of several weeks
  • September 7** — 200 block of F Street, NE (unknown cause)
    First District, Ward 6
    40-year-old Sonya Champ, of Northwest
    **Homicide and victim’s name announced June 14
    in two incoherent reports — A few details here
  • Still awaiting release of the name:
    As of 6/8, MPDC still reports that despite the following —
    1. Coordinated efforts with Dept of Behavioral Health
    2. Worked with the homeless advocates and organizations
    3. Subpoenaed birth records in Florida b/c of his ties to that state
    — they have not been able to locate kin to notify of Feb 5 stabbing
    on unit block of O Street NW (homicide announced 2/10/22)
    All the more reason to keep the memory of this unnamed individual in thought/prayer.

We are still in the 30-day mourning period for the following individuals lost to violence in the District:

  • May 15 — Unit block of P Street, NE (May 10 stabbing)
    Fifth District, Ward 5
    42-year-old Ebony Morgan, of Northwest
  • May 20 — intersection of Poplar Street and Oak Drive, SE (shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    34-year-old Cedric Williams, of Southeast
  • May 22 — 2500 block of Elvans Road, SE (shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    33-year-old Shawn Minor, of Forestville, MD
  • May 23 — Thomas Circle and Massachusetts Avenue, NW (shooting)
    No police district listed; Ward 2
    32-year-old Emmanuel Lys, of no fixed address
  • May 24 — 1200 block of North Capitol Street, NW (shooting)
    First District, Ward 6
    20-year-old Jahmeze Williams, of Southeast
  • May 26 — 2200 block of Savannah Terrace, SE (shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    16-year-old Justin Johnson, of Temple Hills, MD
  • May 29 — 4000 block of 4th Street, SE (stabbing)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    42-year-old Kenneth Sills, of no fixed address
  • June 4 — 500 block of 23rd Place, NE (shooting)
    Fifth District, Ward 7
    39-year-old Jerome Quigley, Jr. of Northeast
  • June 5 — 2100 block of 13th Street, SE (stabbing)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    43-year-old Shaheed Johnston, of Northeast
  • June 5 — 1600 block of Maryland Avenue, NE (shooting)
    Fifth District, Ward 6
    31-year-old Martinez Johnson, of Northeast
  • June 7 — 3600 block of Brothers Place, SE (stabbing)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    60-year-old Orlando Murphy, of Southeast
  • Earlier shooting declared homicide June 6:
    Incident: Feb 19 — 3000 block of Bladensburg Road, NE (Shooting)
    Fifth District, Ward 5
    Death: April 27
    31-year-old Maurice McRae, of Northeast
  • Earlier shooting declared homicide June 8:
    Incident: Apr 22 — 600 block of Kennedy Street, NW (Shooting)
    Fourth District, Ward 4
    Death: May 8
    64-year-old Phyllis Williams, of Northwest

#SayThisName for each person lost.

Mourn. Organize.
Share this list.

Data are taken from DC’s Metropolitan Police Department notices. (See “About” for a little more.)

For thoughts on responding from a faith perspective, please visit Song Every Day.

#SayThisName for each person lost.

Mourn. Organize.
Share this list.

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