Names Archive

Fellow District of Columbia citizens, as well as groups and congregations, are urged to #SayThisName for each person lost to homicide/violent death. This blog, dedicate to listing each name and marking each death, began with June 4, 2015.

May this publication come to an end, soon and in our day.

Current: Archive 2023

Archive 2022

Archive 2021

Archive 2020

Archive 2019

Archive 2018

Archive 2017

Archive 2016

Archive 2015

See data page for the briefest of background concerning the uneven experience of violent death in DC. Beginning with 2017, see Incident information summary with type and location of incident and residence of victim (age range added 2019):

Current: Incident Summary 2023

Incident Summary 2022

Incident Summary 2021

Incident Summary 2020

Incident Summary 2019

Incident Summary 2018

Incident Summary 2017

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