Background Data

Current year archives by name for each year
Current year incident information by type of crime; quadrant, ward and police district of incident; quadrant of victim’s residence; and age of victim.

To aid in understanding homicide data —

here is a map of DC’s wards (we have 8), along with a few of each ward’s neighborhoods:

ward map (as of Jan 2022) from Open Data DC

includes Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, U Street;
East of the (Rock Creek) Park/West of the (Anacostia) River, 3rd Police District
includes Dupont, West End, Shaw;
EOTP/WOTR, 2nd and 1st Police Districts
includes Cleveland Park, Cathedral Heights, Georgetown;
WOTP, 2nd Police District
includes Shepherd Park, Petworth;
EOTP/WOTR, mostly 4th Police District
includes Brookland, Trinidad, Fort Totten;
EOTP/WOTR, mostly 5th Police District
includes Capitol Hill, Navy Yard, NoMa, Waterfront;
EOTP/WOTR, 1st Police District
includes Penn Branch, Deanwood, Capitol View;
EOTR, also parts of Hill East and Rosedale (WOTR); mostly 6th Police District
includes Anacostia, Barry Farm, Congress Heights;
EOTR, 7th Police District

NOTE: EOTP/WOTP = East or West of Rock Creek Park (WOTP is way WOTR)
WOTR/EOTR = East or West of Anacostia River (EOTR is way EOTP)

Here is a map of DC’s Police Districts (we have 7) with a few additional notes:

police districts as of 2022

Police District 1
includes Capitol Hill and adjacent areas;
orange on map
Police District 2
roughly Wards 2 and 3;
purple on map
Police District 3
roughly Ward 1;
teal on map
Police District 4
mid-city Northwest, Ward 4;
maroon on map
Police District 5
Northeast, Wards 5 and 6;
bright green on map
Police District 6
Far Northeast and Southeast, Ward 7;
light green on map
Police District 7
Southeast, Ward 8;
dark orange on map

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