Killed by Police

Note: Two of the following individuals were white: Isabelle Duval (2017) and Ashli Babbitt (2021). All the rest were Black people.


  • April 23 — 800 block of Crittenden Street, NW (shooting by on-duty officer)
    Fourth District, Ward 4
    42-year-old Erica Graham, of Northwest
  • July 16 — 800 block of Wharf Street, SE (shooting by off-duty police)
    Ward 6 — within First District
    23-year-old Lazarus David Wilson, of Dumfries, VA
  • July 30 — 200 block of Madison Street, NW (shooting by on-duty officer)
    Fourth District, Ward 4
    31-year-old Kevin Hargraves-Shird, of Southeast
  • August 4 — 1800 block of Good Hope Road, SE (police trainer shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    25-year-old Maurica Manyan of Indian Head, MD

Previous Years


Please note that all those killed by police in DC in 2021 were Black men with the exception of an individual who was shot inside the Capitol while attempting to gain access to the House chamber as part of the J6 insurrection.

  • January 6 — U.S. Capitol (police-involved killing — USCP)
    Capitol Police and MPD responding
    35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, of Ocean Beach, CA
    killed in J6 attack on the Capitol
  • April 2 — Constitution and Delaware Ave, NE (police-involved shooting — USCP)
    US Capitol (USCP responding; Ward 6)
    25-year-old Noah Green of Indiana killed after ramming USCP barricade
  • April 6 — Malcolm X Avenue near Bolling (police-involved — multi-district)
    multiple police departments, Ward 8
    MPD investigating, Alexandria (VA) and US Park Police chase
    no report yet (4/14), name included as lost to violence
    35-year-old Anthony Louis of Alexandria, VA
  • April 30 — 1100 block of 4th Street, SW (police-involved shooting — MPD)
    First District, Ward 6
    36-year-old Terrance Maurice Parker, of Southeast
    domestic situation
  • May 24 — 1300 block of Alabama Avenue, SE (police-involved shooting — MPD)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    26-year-old Vedo Hall, of Northeast
    domestic situation, mental health crisis
    no mental health or de-escalation called
  • August 25 — New York Ave NE, near Florida Ave (police-involved shooting — MPD)
    Fifth District, Ward 6
    27-year-old Antwan Gilmore, of Capitol Heights, MD
  • August 31 — 1400 block of V Street NW (police-involved shooting — MPD)
    Third District, Ward 1
    34-year-old George Watson, of Northwest
  • October 18 — 1300 block of Congress SE (police-involved shooting — MPD)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    30-year-old Deandre Johnson, of Southeast


  • September 2 — 200 block of Orange Street SE (police-involved shooting)
    Seventh District, Ward 8
    18-year-old Deon Kay
  • October 27 — 700 block of Kennedy Street, NW (10/23 police-involved incident)
    Fourth District, Ward 4
    20-year-old Karon Hylton Brown, of Northwest


  • September 16 — 2200 block of Savannah Terr, SE (police-involved shooting)
    53-year-old Eric Carter, of Southeast


  • May 9 — 2300 block of 15th Street, NE (officer-involved shooting)
    24-year-old D’Quan Young, of Northeast
  • June 12 — 3700 block of 1st Street SE (police-involved shooting)
    22-year-old Marqueese Alston, of Temple Hills, MD


  • February 24 — 1200 block of Holbrook Street, NE (officer-involved shooting)
    47-year-old Timothy Lionel Williams, of no fixed address
  • May 4 — Division Ave at Fitch Place, NE (police-involved crash)
    22-year-old Jeffrey Wayne Price of Northeast
  • May 16 — 100 block of Joliet Street, SW (officer-involved shooting)
    41-year-old Isabelle Duval of Winchester, VA


  • February 1, 2016 — 53rd Street and Clay Terrace, NE (police-involved shooting)
    36-year-old Peter John of no fixed address
  • June 27 — 100 block of Varnum Street, NE (police-involved shooting)
    63-year-old Sherman Evans of Northeast
  • July 4 — 1300 block of 49th Street, NE (Metro police shooting)
    21-year-old Sidney Washington Jr. of Southeast
  • September 11 — 300 block of M Street, NW (police-involved shooting)
    31-year-old Terrence Sterling, of Fort Washington, MD
  • Dec 25 — 3200 block of Walnut Street, NE (police-involved shooting)
    29-year-old Gerald Hall of Northeast

2015 — blog first began mid-year

    Prior to launch of this blog, in earlier 2015, Metro Police fatally shot 35-year-old Bobby Gross on 3/12/15. (33 year-old Benjamin Alexander Gwynreportedly shot himself fatally during 2/12/15 encounter with police.)

  • September 29 — MedStar Washington Hospital Center (SPO-involved death)
    74-year-old James E. McBride
    death ruled homicide in Dec 2015
  • October 26 — 7800 block of Alaska Avenue, NW (police-involved shooting)
    21-year-old Marquesha McMillan of Northeast
    shot by MPD
  • November 1 — 2300 block of Good Hope Road, SE (SPO-involved death)
    27-year-old Alonzo Smith of Southeast
    Killed by SPOs, employed by Blackout Investigations
  • November 2 — 2800 block of Gainesville Street, SE (police-involved shooting)
    62-year-old James Covington, Junior of Southeast
    PG County Police-Involved Shooting
  • November 19 — 5300 block of Dix Street, SE (police-involved shooting)
    34-year-old Darick Napper of Southeast
    PG County Police-Involved Shooting